Planning your 2022-2023 Speaking Schedule

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Did you know that you can sign up for a speech in CDAS until the end of 2022?
Well actually, our fabulous VPE has our meetings scheduled out to March 2023! Why not schedule your speeches for the 2022-2023 Toastmaster year ahead of time? This is an excellent way to ensure that you achieve your education goals in a timely manner and help CDAS with the Distinguished Club Program.

Sign up for July 16, 2022 meeting

Sign up for the August, Sept, Oct meetings

Sign up for November and December

Author: Tara McCoy-Jones

I am the current CDAS VPE, President for another club in the C Division, and the D62 Logistics Manager. I joined Toastmasters to improve my communication skills and discovered that Toastmasters also builds leaders! I love that you get to hear different perspectives and fantastic stories from a diverse group of people while personally growing and having fun.

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