Meeting Locations:

Meeting Time:

3rd Saturday of every month from 9:30 am to 11:45 am. Arrive a few minutes early.

District:                 62

Club number:         5799

Membership Eligibility:

For membership, we ask that the applicant has:

  • Progressed through two levels of Pathways or is a professional or award-winning speaker or leader;
  • Has the desire to improve speaking and leadership skills; and
  • Provides a verbal response to: ‘What are you willing to contribute for the club or district success?”

Dual Membership:

Most members are dual members, meaning that the member has membership in two or more Toastmaster clubs. Our first club is called our “home” club; the second club is the advanced club. We expect you to continue developing skills and completing educational accomplishments at your home club. Members develop skills and complete educational accomplishments at both clubs.


Dues are collected twice per year: March and September. For new members, membership dues are pro-rated based on the month in which the person becomes a member. The 6-month dues are $57.00, plus, if applicable, a $20 new membership fee.

Typical Meeting and Club Success Factors:

There are several key differences between a typical Toastmasters club and our advanced club.

  • Our speakers innovate and deliver a variety of speech lengths.
  • The lead evaluator provides feedback to the speaker and invites others to add their perspective of the speech. Each speaker receives diverse feedback.
  • Of the helper roles, we rely on a timer, but not usually the ah-er counter or grammarian. If a speaker needs work in these areas, we provide that information within the evaluation.
  • Each month, we use parliamentary procedure in our business meeting, which is considered one of our many strengths.
  • Our members are actively involved in leadership success across the world, not just at the club; successful leadership skills can be gleaned from these amazing members!

Do You Have Additional Questions? Please Ask Them!

Contact our Vice President of Membership at or contact any of our other members.